Lowline Beef Cattle, New Zealand

Canto Alegre has cattle as part of the farm biodiversity. We consider ruminants as an integral part of a farm organism, no matter how large or small. The ruminant has the ability to convert feed into milk and meat and the manure they produce enriches soil life when it gets incorporated into the soil..

We are currently building a small herd of Lowline Cattle. Lowlines are resilient, sturdy cattle that fit well in our operation. They are well suited for small properties. They produce high quality tender beef, with animals maturing early and yielding very good production, measured as kilograms of carcass per hectare. However, all animals must be fed well to realize their potential.

Please visit The Austarlian Lowline Cattle Association for more info. 


At present we have 5 purebred Lowline Cows and a registered pure bred bull. There are some calves on the ground including two registerable pedigree yearling bulls. We have also bred our bull with 10 Black/white face heifers and they all calved and are raising beautiful, solid calves to be weaned in a few weeks. 

Our current Bull, ARAAWA MOSHPIT (Moshy) rising 4 years as at March 2020

Below - Some of our Current Lowline Cows - All from ARAAWA STUD and we are pleased with what we are seeing..

Below - Images of our 2019 calf crop, mostly from Moshi cross with white-face heifers and 3 shorthorns... Some of these are now FOR SALE

Below, 2019 calf crop as at April 2020 - Most of these are now for sale. Contact Us

Below -  FOR SALE -  Canto Alegre Centurion Born 26/8/2019 - Dam ARAAWA EVANGELINA the SIRE IS ARAAWA FIRST in LINE ARA F336. He is growing well, lovely temperament. He is for sale as at April 2019. Please contact us on e mail or text 0272 510032

Below - Canto Alegre Magnifico Born 28/11/2019 - Dam ARAAWA KISSMEQUICK the SIRE IS ARAAWA FIRST in LINE ARA F336. He is growing well, lovely temperament and a curious little chap. To view, please contact us on e mail or text 0272 510032 - He is NOT for sale at present.

Below are images of some of our 2019 calf crop. ALL from ARRAAWA MOSHPIT cross with white face heifers. These are calves that have done exceptionally well, and will produce great beef. All electric fenced-trained. For more details   Contact Us