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March 2020

Hi there,

Summer is almost over and we have had good crops of apples, pears, nuts and grapes. Our trials have worked well and we do know more and more what grows well in our place.We do not use ANY chemical, organic or otherwise to produce our fruit - they are strong and disease resistant or we replace them. Some apple and pear varieties have done really well and new plantings will take place in the winter. The 70 or so Feijoas treest, consisting of 10 varieties are with fruit for the first time and we will be able to check which ones will produce the healthiest and tastiest fruit.

We will also be planting some 50 or so new plants of our great table grapes, so in 2 years we should have our first large crop to offer shops and individual clients.

Our beef herd is coming along well and we currently do have weaner calves, Lowline x White Faced Heifer for sale. E-mail or text 0272510032 for info. We are considering processing some of our beef and supply to discerning customers. 

No news at present