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Organic Vegetables, Organic Fruit and Nuts in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

At Canto Alegre we are geowing a number of different fruit trees. Heritage Apples, such as Hetlina, Monty's Surprise, Tydeman's to name a few. Also pears, nectarines and peaches. All the fruit have to be 100% disease resilient - we do not use ANY sprays, organic or otherwise. If a variety is prone to disease, we take it out!!

Hazelnuts, Walnuts and Chestnuts are also being planted and expansion will depend on crop yield and disease resilience. 

Our Feijoa Trial is under way. Over 80 bushes consisting of 9 varieties such as Kaiteri, Pounamu, Triumph, Anatoki, Appollo, Kaikariki, Unique, Mammoth and Gemini. Again, yeild and disease resilience is been observed

Below are a few photos

Current produce for sale

Organic Fruit, Vegetables and Nuts Currently Available at Canto Alegre, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand